Åsa Johansson – I Balans

01.10 - 18.10 2022

Åsa Johansson’s sculptures are created according to the basic geometric shapes, examining the balance of both form and color. Using millimeter precision, she casts the shapes and then deforms some of them to create undulating variants. To create harmonious and balanced arrangements, she stacks the shapes on top of the other.

Soft colorful glazes, playing with hues and complementary colors, on strict hard forms create an exciting contrast. 

The title of the exhibition I Balans [In Balance] can be attributed to both the works in the exhibition and to her process. The creation requires great precision and closeness. Up until the very end, when everything is measured with a spirit level and the oven is put to 1260 degrees, she has control over the work, thereafter the rest is an immeasurable coincidence – it is also what brings the sculptures to life and the uncontrollable gives the sculpture its unique expression. 

Åsa Johansson (b.1992) has a MFA from Konstfack CRAFT! (2019-2021) and a BFA in Industrial Design. Johansson has, since she graduated, participated in exhibitions as ANNUAL at CFHILL (2021) and TAKEAWAY Pop-up Market for Emerging Art and Design Galleri Duerr (2021). Her work has also been presented as installations and set design for LAYERED and PLAZA women. She has received multiple scholarships – Frimurarordens Jubel Fonden, Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse, JL Eklund Hantverksstiftelse etc. Her works can be found in multiple private art collections.