Hein Spellmann – House and Windows

12.11 - 29.11 2022

”In my explorations, I photograph urban spaces and facades of metropolitan architecture and use image details for my wall objects. I am not so much interested in evaluation, but in the individual appropriation of parts of these architectures. They are processed as thin, elastic photograph skins, sealed with a glossy crystal clear silicone cover over a soft object of wood core, foam and silicone.

A spatial, cushion-like expansion of the motif takes place. Depending on the format, detail and color scheme, these modular ”mobile homes” allow for different narrative forms and degrees of abstraction in the sense of urban compositions. At the same time, I am fascinated by the interplay between the serial and the unique, between distance and proximity, in relation to the technique and appearance of the facade objects.” – Hein Spellman

Hein Spellmann (1962) är en tysk samtidskonstnär som bor och jobbar i Berlin. Mellan 1982 – 88 studerade han på Kunstakademie Braunschweig och har sedan dess ställt ut på flera gallerier, konsthallar och museer i Europa bland annat i Tyskland, Belgien, Österrike, Nederländerna, Danmark.

“House and Windows” är Spellmans tredje utställning på Galleri Thomassen