Jukka Korkeila – Buffomania!

AUG 28 – SEPT 19, 2010

Buffo is the funny man of the opera, tenor or bass. Buffos usually are the boasting antagonists of the heroes or
the comic-relief fools in the so-called bel canto operas.

Mania is the madness or frenzy, that we all are familiar with. So, what happens, when we combine Buffo with Mania?
What has Buffomania to do with painting? What happens, when the laughter ceases and the echoes turn silent?
Would you lick off the whipped cream from the sole of a foot? What happens, when the lipstick, that you are using,
ends up colouring the most of your face? Have you seen the balding playboy or experienced the royal duties?
Why is teabagging strictly forbidden in public spaces in Sweden? How can we be sure, that Jesus was not fat?
Answears to all these questions and more can be found at the gallery, when Buffomania is unchained at Galleri Thomassen on the 28th of august, 12.00-16.00!

Välkommen! Willkommen! Benvenuta! Tervemenoa!
Jukka Korkeila, 20th of August 2010, Berlin.