Klara Zetterholm

25.02 - 14.03 2023

Klara Zetterholm – Collected fragments
25.02 – 14.03 2023

These objects have been manipulated to represent age. They’ve been painted, modeled and coated to take on an historical shape. This happens to be a timeless and placeless history, an anachronistic dimension, made chronological through layers of patina.

These reliefs and figurines are not copies, but copies of hypothetical copies within their own logic. They are referencing archeological forgery as they present themselves as old and broken fragments of something greater. An imaginary excavation exposing layers of both history and future which never took place.

Klara Zetterholm
(b.1991 in Stockholm) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2022. Her recent exhibitions include the MFA spring show at the Royal Academy of Art (2022), Inside /Outside at Coulisse gallery (2022), Potpourri at Issues gallery (2022) and a temporary exhibition at Odenplan’s subway station in Stockholm in association with Konstväxlingar and Region Stockholm 2023.