Klas Barbrosson

04.02 - 21.02 2023

Det är inte en förbannelse
Det är bara dimma


I work with energy from different phenomenons and materials in a plethora of media: photography, painting, performance, video, sculpture and installation. I am interested in power; control and limitations; and have noted that they are not only exercised through various forms, but also by determining which energies and moods are required for the control and management to be effective. If, for example, you let energies from one area enter certain forms, or if you worship the energies that are latent in certain forms, strange things happen. I work to bring forth latent energies for the people to experience on a more conscious level. Often everything is familiar, but with a little push, the latent breaks out beyond the foreign and unknown. One has vaguely felt it all along: familiar and unknown in one. Completely different spheres can merge: the art world, subcultures, the welfare system, economic and political structures through odd objects: a Pizza, Supporterscarfs, lifebuoys, car parts, smokebombs and fire alarms from a mental asylum.

In recent years, many works have questioned the very concept of culture as divided into specialist culture (professional artist art) and general culture (traditions, events, amateur theatre, sports, etc.). There must be an continuity between different forms of culture if they are to be relevant to a single but complete life. Specialist culture also divides the audience and forces thinking about target groups. This has more to do with the market than with people: valuable culture for a highly educated upper middle class and entertainment culture for the young and poorly educated. These constant investigations of how the mechanisms of power are manifested and maintained in public settings are both playful and serious at the same time. My practice wants to counteract enforced worry and anxiety. My artistic investigation is against the ordering and controlling of the artistic space that is given. And about opening up the gates.