Marie Dahlstrand

01.10 - 18.10 2022

Marie Dahlstrand
Lean and Levitate
01.10 – 18.10 2022

In the last couple of years, Marie Dahlstrand has actively sought out areas that have undergone changes by humans in various ways, quarries, mines, fields, plantations.
With both a fascination and concern about how we balance the development between man-technology-nature on an increasingly fragile thread.

In “Lean and Levitate”, Marie Dahlstrand breaks up that visual world into components freed from our perception of space, perspective and gravity. The motifs are abstract, but fragments and memories based on her observations, remain and create new but recognizable spatialities.

Colors meet and bleed into and over each other, directions and perspectives constantly change. You can feel the process of her work, of her melding the colors together into a complex whole, that that leads on and leads on, into indefinite. 

With a skillful work of balance, Marie Dahlstrands work evokes both a feeling of vertigo and security, where ups and downs do not exist – the world still holds together. Through shapes and formations that lean on each other, creates weight and lighten. 

Lean and Levitate is Marie Dahlstrands fifth exhibition at Galleri Thomassen.

Marie Dahlstrand (b. 1973, Lidköping) lives and works in Gothenburg. She graduated from Valand with an MFA from Valand Academy of Art in 1998. Her work has been exhibited at Passagen/Linköping, Uppsala konstmuseum, Fullersta gård, ​​Palazzo Ducale/Genova and art galleries such as Galleri Thomassen/Gothenburg and Galerie SLIKA/Lyon. Marie has made several Public Art Commissions in various materials and sizes. She has recently received scholarships from Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Konstakademien.
Her work is represented in both private and public collections, such as The National Public Art Council Sweden, Västerås Art museum, Göteborg City Council.