EKTA och Jens Lekman i Vanity Fair

Intervju i Vanity Fair med EKTA och Jens Lekman om deras samarbete kring färgglada overaller för Lekmans aktuella turné i USA. Läs intervjun här

“It was Andersson, an artist known for her signature leaf motif, who suggested Lekman work with Daniel Götesson. A multidisciplinary artist who works under the name EKTA and has collaborated with brands like Marni, Götesson’s inventiveness transformed the jumpsuits Lekman and his band wore for their American tour.

“What I like about Daniel’s art is that it matches my music in many ways. It’s a bit chaotic. The whole patchwork collage feeling is very much how I make my music,” Lekman tells me.”

Götesson’s one-of-a-kind jumpsuits signal more than a diversion from traditional design, they’re a signifier that Lekman, whose tour was delayed by COVID-19, is back to work. “That kind of blue is … it’s kind of the default working class color, you know?” Götesson notes.”