Public commision: Gustav Sparr | Högsbo Närsjukhus

“Eighteen printed sheets of glass mounted on the walls of the corridors at Högsbo Närsjukhus, Gothenburg, Sweden. On each floor there are six artworks organized in three distinct series, Sites, Seeds & Generators. These give each floor a recognizable colour scheme with recurring motifs which guide the patients to waiting areas and exits.

All images were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and are based om mathematician  Georgy Voronois Voronoi diagram. A Voronoi diagram is a partition of a plane into regions close to each of a given set of objects in a kind of tessellation. In the simplest case, these objects are just finitely many points in the plane (called seeds, sites, or generators). The relationship between these objects are what creates the shapes, the Voronoi cells. These cells have a practical and theoretical application in many medical, sociological and scientific fields but also recurring in artistic practices. ”

– Gustav Sparr