Sara Möller ställer ut på Peach Corner Gallery, Köpenhamn

11.04 – 18.05

In the exhibition Mutated Sea / Trampled Ground, the creative process is cast as the protagonist in an attempt to reach behind the elevated artefact. Ceramic pieces appear alongside raw clay, slip, Jesmonite, textile and wood to form a new, spatial whole. The materials play the role of nature, while the artist’s hand, the human element, ultimately and undeniably controls the composition. But perhaps, these roles are not completely fixed after all? Instead, they move back and forth, flowing, intertwining and fusing into one, as in a dream-like play. Here, tamed nature is wild, as in our inner landscapes. Here, we find the tender, the soft, the pointy, dirty and cracked. A possible manifesto or a metaphor for the uncontrollable and chaotic nature of artistic creation. A walk into a waking dream, where disobedient wills command, and unresolved connections become possible.