Kandidatprogrammet i Konsthantverk- Examensutställning

18.05 - 26.05 2024


KRAFT is the title of the 2024 graduation exhibition by the bachelor students in craft. The students’ works respond in different ways to the many possible interpretations of the word. In the same way that the English word Craft can be used to talk about crafts, professions, vessels, art and handicrafts, the Swedish word KRAFT can be used to describe, for example, the physical challenge of handling materials in an artistic process. It can also describe the potential impact and change that these art projects are all capable of.


The exhibition KRAFT brings together degree projects from the three specialisations of the Bachelor’s programme in Craft: Textile Art, Ceramic Art and Jewellery Art. All students have used materials and individual questions as a starting point when exploring how crafts can be used to understand and describe different aspects of life. The exhibition at Galleri Thomassen features works in different techniques and materials ranging from ceramic sculptures, experimental carriers of edible objects, analogue and digital tapestries, jewellery exploring heritage and identity ,to name a few.


Exhibiting students:

Ceramic Art: Diego Decont Jimenez, Jennifer Bjarnelöf, Karin Lengstrand, Miriam Stråhlman, Åsa Bladh
Jewellery Art:  Alexia Brandel, Louise Olsson, Maria Bencivenni
Textile Art: Alex Karlsson, Alva Lundmark, Cesilia Pern, Cornelia Öberg, Emma Botin, Mattias Rydén, Sonja B Zornat


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